Ten styles of women’s sun hats recommended to wear stylish and handsome

The day of August, the face of the sun. As soon as I went out, the hot and glaring sunshine made it impossible to look directly. At this time, you must remember to wear a sun hat when you go out. Here are some beautiful and sunscreen visors for everyone.

1, elegant beach hat

Women's hat

Summer is hot, many people will choose to go to the beach for a holiday. Although the sea breeze is cool, the sun on the beach is also very strong. This wide-brimmed visor is made of high-quality silk fabric, natural, soft, breathable and comfortable. It is a must-have fashion item for seaside holidays.

2, detachable wind rope sun hat

Women's hat

Going to the beach for a holiday, still worried that the sea breeze is too big to be blown away? Put on this sun hat with a detachable windproof rope to let your troubles go away immediately! The wind-proof rope design, flexible loading and unloading, no need to worry about being blown away by the wind. There are also 3D decorative bows, craftsmanship and more fashion!

3, tie the big potted straw hat

Women's hat

The most attractive eye of this sun hat is its large and wide design, with a 15cm wide sunscreen area and fine weaving, so that you can no longer worry about the glare of the sun. The crisp cap type, with a black wide-brimmed lace bow, is romantic and elegant, making you more feminine.

4, foldable empty top fisherman hat

Women's hat

This is a Japanese fisherman hat for summer outings. The elegant plain plaid fabric, with a chiffon bow of similar color, is naturally refreshing, and the brim of the big side is more feminine. The cap is very soft and folds into the carry-on bag, which is very convenient.

5.Korean version of the handmade big straw hat

Women's hat

Very Korean style straw hat, full of literary feeling. Weaving a selection of high-quality raw materials, the craftsmanship is superb, and the pattern effect is more fashionable and beautiful. The wax rope bow adds a retro style, which is really a straw hat that makes people feel very good. With a white dress, Mori girl is you!

6.Straw hat embroidery flat top hat

Women's hat

This flat-top hat, embroidery is one of the highlights, a touch of pink flowers and green leaves, as if to talk about the first encounter with the summer, the moment to evoke the girl’s heart. The hat type adopts the European and American simple flat top design, and the suitable hat is very suitable for the face shape, which is very small.

7.Japanese wavy side sunhat

Women's hat

Japanese-style items generally have a feeling of sprouting, and this wavy side sunhat is no exception. The lace ladylike smell of the brim is a little cute, very eye-catching. There is also a thoughtful windproof belt design, so that you can travel without fear of strong winds ~ the color is very positive ginger, white leather and yellow leather are very suitable.

8.Korean stitching wind visor

Women's hat

It is said that this visor is inspired by the new trend of 2019T. It combines two avant-garde fashion elements of transparent stitching and silhouette stitching. It has a uniform outer shell and a high-gloss metal logo, which makes this hat full of personality and fashion. It is suitable to ride and go shopping.

9.Chic wind squat fisherman hat

Women's hat

Very classic, very common kind of hat, but unlike the general fisherman’s hat, this fisherman hat and hat is designed to increase the design, with double cotton fabric, so that you are not afraid of the sun, sunscreen is in place! The big hat can not only protect the face, but also modify the face. Easy to face, temperament up up!

10.Korean version of the empty top baseball cap

Women's hat

A sunhat that is perfect for summer. The appearance is simple and generous, and it is the Korean version of the empty top type. It is more fashionable than the average baseball cap. Practicality is also very strong, running, playing, shopping, only this top is enough. The brim is very large, with sunshade and sun protection. It is best to wear it in summer!

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