What kind of hat to wear when you go out to vacation?

What kind of hats do you want to wear when you go out for a holiday? In the summer, there are more and more people going out for a holiday. For girls, you can wear a nice hat to give you extra points, including fisherman hats and painters. Caps and straw hats are good looking items.


Japanese fisherman hat

Going out in the summer, in fact, wearing a hat is not only a match, but also sun protection. This neutral-style Japanese fisherman hat is very popular this summer, and it will be used with some Harajuku style clothes, especially for some. When the city is photographed, it will be very good, and the brim that is pulled down can also play a small role.


Pastoral straw hat

Then there is an idyllic straw hat, which is more suitable for wearing some natural scenery, climbing a mountain or going to the grassland and other places, a certain straw hat will make you and the surrounding environment more, this year’s popular system With a straw hat, the face will be more modified, and there is no need to worry about the straw hat being blown away by the wind.


Literary painter hat

The last one is a painter’s hat full of literary style. In addition to the spring and autumn, the artist’s hat can be worn in the summer. It can be used to match some literary style clothes to make your temperament more prominent, giving you a simple dress. A sense of high quality, this is a place that no other hat can replace.

Hat match


In the summer, the little fairy who likes the skirt, bought a lot of skirts in the closet? This time, you don’t have to press the bottom of the box. Spring has passed, enjoy the cool and pleasant summer. A small floral dress with a small floral dress can be worn outside or worn inside, and it is very sweet and pure. With this straw hat of the big hat, it seems that the moment has entered the holiday, stretching the body and mind, joining the nature and feeling the gift of nature. Under the big hat, it looks very small, and Xiaobian puts a small suggestion: Don’t wear the hat too low, wear it properly, don’t block the line of sight.


The vest is paired with a short denim, and the summer is cool and unlocked. The black slings look elegant and elegant, and the denim shorts are very fashionable. They show long legs and are simple and comfortable. Put on a straw hat with a wide hat and add extra points to the overall shape. Remember that the hat should not be too low. The little fairy with bangs can put the hair to the side, which is refreshing and beautiful.


The hat of the fisherman’s hat is relative to the straw hat. Although the hat is not so big, it also has the effect of modifying the face. The top is paired with a colorblock mesh short-sleeved T-shirt and a long-sleeved T-shirt. The wide-leg five-point jeans and a pair of pink high-top sneakers look handsome and sweet.


Chiffon printed top, a strap-up skirt, a two-piece set, the current trend of style. Fashion is like this, like to mix and match the different elements of the design of the clothing to create a new trend of style. The strap skirt chooses the color of camel, and it doesn’t matter if it is matched. The design of the button buckle and the waist is very thin. The lower part of the body is slightly loose, and the length to the position of the calf is refreshing and ladylike. The color of the hat and skirt of the big hat is very beautiful.


The chiffon pink dress, with its pleated dark silk design, looks very gentle and quiet, with a small V-neck design and a large brim, while retouching the face and showing the curve of the neck. The geometric bag is very popular nowadays, many street shooters love this bag, black and pink, sweet and classic. The feet are a pair of white, and the shoes on the back and back are very beautiful, unconsciously returning to the appearance of a young girl.